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Donate to an advanced education in one of the poorest regions of the world.
Please commit to donating $100 for 3 months and recommend us to your friends.  We are asking that you complete an ACH payment process with your bank because the cost is free or less than $00.75 per transaction.  This will save significant cost because all payment processors charge 3% on average. On a $300 donation that would be $9.00, which would cover the cost of food for 10 students for one week. So we don't want to lose money to payment processing.

Please note that by donating, you acknowledge that we are not a tax-exempt organization and your donation is not tax deductible. Our goal is to be a self-sufficient market driven school in the poorest region of the world.  We currently sponsor the full tuition of 27 students and 50% of tuition for another 73 students.  When we started, we covered 100% of the tuition for 70% of our students.  Now we cover tuition for just under 15% of our students. If you would like to hear more, send us an email. We have much we wish to share!


BRIF Creative school is different from nearly all schools in southwest Asia. If you are familiar with education in this region, then you are aware that students essentially memorize content and regurgitate it on the exams. If they are unable to focus on the drudgery, then they are not likely to continue in school, which is why the dropout rate in Bangladesh is extremely high.

We develop our students' intellect. In public, our students display a personal confidence and hold themselves as equals (minus their respect for their elders) to those whom they converse with. We are seeking $264,250 to build the second story on our school, purchase 45 computers (huge VAT), 2 more buses, and increase pay for teachers.

2nd Story with furnishings:                    $55,000

45 computers with software:                  $29,250

2 more school buses:                              $34,000

16T, Increase pay $300/mo. for 2 yrs:   $96,000


With this money, we will extend the education to 9th and 10th grade, and we will add a computer coding class for grades 6-10. If 300 people were willing to donate $100 per month for 9 months, we will reach our goal.

With initiatives described above, we will increase enrollment and demand such that we will be able to increase tuition by $5 per month or $50 per year, even for the remaining 15% that we currently sponsor. The average tuition (including those we sponsor) is $250 per year.  Using this market analysis, we expect to earn a profit of $5000 (which is always reinvested into improvements and supplies). The biggest challenge has been the changing (increasing) cost of labor and increase costs of food stores (for the working poor). Otherwise, we would have had profits for reinvestment every year.

Or make a recurring ACH payment by filling our ACH form with your own bank. You can deposit recurring payments into Chase Bank.

Routing #: 325070760

Account #: 190109195

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