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How conceptual hierarchies accelerate acquisition by being tools of thought whereas concrete instruction impedes learning and brain plasticity. 

This video demonstrates how mathematics is essential to science concepts and observable phenomenon.  In the late 1980s the teachers union backed by opponents of direct instruction in the early grades manipulated the world of education by declaring that math "facts" were not important.  They argued that we need to teach processes over what they labeled "drill and kill." The issue, however, is that the memorization of math tables enables the quick acquisition of fractions and failing to learn them impedes the ability to understand 'units' as a concept. 'Units' is essential to fractions, learning ratios, and all subsequent scientific phenomena. I will discuss more in a future blog or video.  At this moment I leave you with a video that expresses my concepts of hierarchy and how curriculums must be built. When a curriculum, its resources, and sequence follows a hierarchy, students gain purpose and understanding. This purpose and integration is an essential component to human drive and fundamental to the human experience. In the next video, I hope you will observe how quickly thinking can be restored--all minds are without limit when they begin to think.