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       We need to put an end to government run school and release educational services to the free market accountable to pressures of supply and demand. We must universally acknowledge that the parent or guardian is responsible for the actions and consequences of their children.  Neither states, global systems, nor any body of men have a claim on life and especially not on children.  Written laws or judicial fiat to the contrary are an affront on nature and have no authority.  We the people: parents and educators are the watchers imbued by confidence and the power of the human spirit.

       As such the fundamental purpose of education is to secure the values existing within each family-unit, regardless of structure.  Each family's values are tested by the fundamental laws of cause and effect upon completion of a free market education. When nature takes its course, we observe a corresponding change in supply and demand of values. Our educational systems will respond in-kind when individuals and their families are free to experience the consequences of their values as expressed by their actions. Rather than a downward spiral in societal mores, we will see the rise of our civilizations and observe the reality that we can govern ourselves.  We discuss the myriad of ways that we can move to a free market system of education instantly.  Consider "Our Story" in the about section for one example.


       The cost of education is virtually free, yet in America, for example, we spend $782 billion a year resulting in more than 60% of our students existing or graduating below grade level. Our national statistics (documented below) from which these numbers spring do not even count another 20% who follow nature and drop out. Whereas 14 million children, since 1968, have somehow left the system entirely--being unaccounted for in any government data systems, they are either lost to "society," or are part of the millions who live in homeless shelters or revolve through behavioral health care systems across America. If you or your child is in a government run school now, I would recommend dropping out immediately.  Guide your children through an online platform such as Khan Academy or an equivalent.  Send no more taxes to the state, find like-minded parents and guardians to share the burden, and select your child's favorite teacher to support and guide her future.


      Using your values, freely exchange the excess of your production for a teacher who has gained the trust and admiration of your child. These ideas are fundamental principles of human nature that have been usurped by an inefficient state and require immediate attention.   The world Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of is currently at hand, and the global cabal has met its final consequence. 

       Our methods of action call for no violence and must follow Henry David Thoreau's model of Civil Disobedience.  Do your part today and study his 16 pages of artful reasoning.  He has already moved the world, and justice is no easy thing.

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