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"Integrating our human experience to develop conceptual teachers and an understanding of freedom's ethos."

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Francis Bacon

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BRIF Creative School, Siadpur, Bangladesh

 Rethinking Our Education System

       We need to put an end to government run school and release educational services to the free market accountable to pressures of supply and demand. We must universally acknowledge that parents or guardians are responsible for children.  Neither states, global systems, nor any body of men have a claim on life.  Written laws or judicial fiat to the contrary are an affront on nature and have no authority. 

       As such, the fundamental purpose of education is to secure the values existing within each family-unit.  When children become adults, each family's values are tested by the fundamental laws of cause and effect. When people are free to accept responsibility for their actions, we observe a corresponding change in the supply and demand of values. Our educational systems will respond in-kind when individuals and their families are free to experience the consequences of their values as expressed by their actions. Rather than a downward spiral in societal mores, we will see the rise of our civilizations and observe that we can govern ourselves. Government education retards the natural progression of humanity because it does not respond to the laws of nature--to the laws of supply and demand. Government run education is free to fail and keep on failing with no corresponding consequences. The values being foisted upon our children are not values of parents. Yet by government fiat, parents must accept the values of the state and the teacher's union.  The demand for more options in education is high, yet our system of taxation has become a prison that parents cannot break their children out of.     


       The cost of education is virtually free, yet in America, we spend $782 billion a year. We spend $14,000 per pupil yet more than 60% of our students test below grade level.  Our national statistics, documented below, do not even count another 20% who follow nature and drop out.  Even more frightening is that 14 million children, since 1968, are unaccounted for in any government data systems.  Are they are lost to "society," part of the millions who live in homeless shelters, or do they  revolve through behavioral health care systems across America?  If you or your child is in a government run school, I would recommend reforming a Parent-Teacher Association.  Your first objective should be to volunteer in every kindergarten through 3rd grade to ensure that each child is on grade level for math, reading, and writing. Your second objective should be to ensure that your school board hires the best superintendent and principals consistent with your values. Thirdly, you must compete with the teacher's Union and University pedagogy (systems which are agents of the state and anti-progressive ideologues). Lastly, you should send representatives to "New Teacher Training" to know what your school board thinks, and to convocation to see how much your teachers and administrators care about every single child under their charge. If you are not satisfied, send your children to a private school of your choice or find like-minded parents and guardians to share the burden: select your child's favorite teacher to support and guide her future.  A teacher, knowledgeable and accountable to parents, could take the lions-share of tuition; and given her love for students she would only charge $600 a month for 20 students. In a close knit community and smaller schools, parents and responsible teachers can control the supply of values presented to your children.  Doing so will give  our children time to process the changes of this era.










These ideas are fundamental principles of human nature that have been usurped by an inefficient state and require immediate attention.  We discuss the myriad of ways that we can move to a free market system of education instantly.  Consider "Our Story" for one example or read the Educational research below and consider how easily 5 families could succeed alone.

       Our methods of action follow Henry David Thoreau's model of Civil Disobedience.  Do your part today and study his 16 pages of artful reasoning.  He has already moved the world, and justice is no easy thing.

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Basic = Below grade level

Proficient = at or slightly above grade level

Recent changes to NAEP (link) makes interpretations more difficult.


       Leaders learn through observation and experience.  We develop perceptual skills using a process called conceptual thinking. As individuals improve their perceptual skills they uncover ideas, concepts, logic, and contradictions.  Language skills develop and grow as a by product of needing to explain what we observe or experience. Facts are no longer empty vessels but evidence: examples and non-examples needed to integrate rational expression and logical thinking. We inspire students to communicate ideas.  In that communication they improve and refine their thinking.  Conceptual teaching's purpose is to evaluate relationships of cause and effect, to uncover contradictions or misconceptions, and to reveal our highest value. With confidence we act in accordance with our hierarchy of values: hard fought and hard won.

For the race is not too swift or to the strong, but for those who persevere.


Blogs and Freedom's Ethos

Educational Research

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Don't put another preschooler in a system designed to undermine intellectual and moral character.  Find like-minded friends, Find a teacher, Find a classroom. You can do this!


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"Pride is the recognition of the fact that you are your own highest value and, like all of man’s values, it has to be earned—that of any achievements open to you, the one that makes all others possible is the creation of your own character—that your character, your actions, your desires, your emotions are the products of the premises held by your mind—that as man must produce the physical values he needs to sustain his life, so he must acquire the values of character that make his life worth sustaining—that as man is a being of self-made wealth, so he is a being of self-made soul—that to live requires a sense of self-value, but man, who has no automatic values, has no automatic sense of self-esteem and must earn it by shaping his soul in the image of his moral ideal, in the image of Man, the rational being he is born able to create, but must create by choice—that the first precondition of self-esteem is that radiant selfishness of soul which desires the best in all things, in values of matter and spirit, a soul that seeks above all else to achieve its own moral perfection, valuing nothing higher than itself—and that the proof of an achieved self-esteem is your soul’s shudder of contempt and rebellion against the role of a sacrificial animal, against the vile impertinence of any creed that proposes to immolate the irreplaceable value which is your consciousness and the incomparable glory which is your existence to the blind evasions and the stagnant decay of others."   Ayn Rand Lexicon (Links)  Altruism     Self-Esteem    Morality    Primacy

"So who should determine the values and pride of our children?"



You want your children to achieve their highest aim. You have some ideas about values and curriculum but want professional help or affirmation!  We are here for you.

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